One Piece Three Ways — link up post


I’ve been thinking for a while about documenting my styling journey, and I couldn’t think of a better time to start, than to join in Audrey’s one piece many ways link up.

We’ve just finished a chilly winter here, and I took these photos last week, when it was still very much in between weather. I have been living in my boots so I paired all of my outfits with them, it just made sense to me, but since then, we’ve had a massive change in the temperature and I’m very happy to welcome the warm Spring weather that arrived pretty much overnight.  I’ll have to dig out my summery shoes now.

I’ve been loving my military jacket and can wear it with so many outfits.  Here are three.  🙂

IMG_7707Black maxi and chunky scarf

IMG_7721Pencil skirt and coral tee

IMG_7715Skinny jeans, check shirt (my husbands) and belt


13 thoughts on “One Piece Three Ways — link up post

  1. (Okay, I should leave a more coherent comment: these are great. The outfits are so awesome, all super classy and I love that you’re wearing Sam’s shirt! Plus, the photos look amazing. Such a lovely setting!)

  2. I love these! I love that you showed the jacket with 3 different types of pieces–a skirt, a dress, and jeans. I have a weak spot for jeans, a plaid shirt, and boots, so number 3 is my favorite!

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